Kindness Toolkit

Encourage, Promote, and Spread Kindness

Actions, like smiling or holding a door, are Kindness Tools. Gifts, like food, shelter, or financial contributions, are Kindness Tools. This entire website is a Kindness Toolkit that includes a variety of documents, tools, and ideas that are free and easy to use.

Kindness starts with you. You will Travel Your Kindness Path, Do Kindness (we call this being a Kindness Butterfly), and Spread Kindness (we call this being a Kindness Ambassador) throughout your life. These three Aspects of Your Kindness Life will always be intertwined.

The Kindness Tools and Information on this website can be download or printed and shared via email or printed paper. All that is needed is for one person to have access to the Internet, a printer, and in some cases, a pair of scissors. Use this information to help people, young and old, Think About, Do, Spread, Share, and Teach Kindness in new and different ways.

There are millions of ways to be Kind. Now, in this time of illness and fear, spreading Kindness is even more important. And, it is also important to provide constructive activities for children, students, and colleagues. Share these Kindness Tools forward!

Follow your own instincts and come up with your own ideas. There is no one right Way of Kindness.

In addition to the documents, images, and ideas in the Tools and Ideas tabs, here are links to several PDF documents that will explain even more. They are all free and can be downloaded, distributed, or shared in any way that you wish. And, more will be added.

What You Can Do