Make the World a Kinder Place

Use Your Special Gifts of Kindness

Everyone Is On Their Own Kindness Path
Everyone Can Share Kindness Forward

Kindness starts with you

WHAT CAN I DO? The answer to this most common question starts with the recognition that you already have the Power of Kindness. You are already on your Kindness Path. You have already begun to answer a Kindness Call to Action. You are already helping to Create a Kinder World.

While there will be many different steps along any Kindness Path, it can be helpful to start with this simple parable. The first Kindness Steps along a Kindness Path (Self-Kindness and Acts of Kindness for Others) are what most people do, and they are often called Retail Kindness. As examples, think of Being Kind to Yourself as eating a (sugar-free) cookie and Doing Kindness for Others as giving cookies to others.

The other Kindness Steps (Teaching Kindness, Sharing Kindness Forward, and Leading Kindness Projects) are called Wholesale Kindness. To continue the examples, these would include teaching others how to bake cookies, helping others to create cookie bakeries, and setting up food banks for distribution or food kitchens for preparation.

In fact, there are actually many other Kindness Steps along any Kindness Path, and groups, organizations, and companies, as well as people, can also promote and practice Kindness. In other words, Retail Kindness is directed at Being Kind to People, while Wholesale Kindness is directed at creating more or broader Kindness Institutions or Activities, which would then lead to More Kindness Benefitting More People.

Besides more Retail Kindness, the world needs more Wholesale Kindness, as well. Companies can sponsor and encourage employees to engage in Kindness Projects, and then promote their results. Groups and organizations, and even young people not in school, can help teachers and families Teach Kindness. Imagine if more groups, communities, and companies engaged in, and shared their stories of, Different Kinds of Kindness activities, projects, and steps. This would inspire others and increase the amount of Kindness in the world.

Your Kindness Path Never Ends. It is a Lifetime Experience. You will help Spark a Global Kindness Movement. Read more about Your Kindness Roadmap by clicking on the image for the animated mini-book. Then, you can explore more about some of the Kinds of Kindness in the following tabs. Remember, Kindness Really Matters Now.