Kindness Call to Action

Kindness is a value as old as human history itself. Today, with so many people suffering from disease, financial hardship, and lack of food, clothing, and shelter, the Kindness of others can be the last hope for many people. The World Needs More Kindness Now. And, in these troubled times when disagreements divide us, it is even more important that we find values and ideas that can Bind Us Together. We must Unite Around Kindness.

You Can Create a Global Kindness Conversation. You can engage friends and family, communities and groups, and schools and organizations. You can encourage both Retail Kindness that benefits individuals directly (Self-Kindness and Doing Acts of Kindness) and Wholesale Kindness that benefits groups of people (Teaching KindnessSpreading Kindness Messages, and Leading Kindness Projects). The activities of the Kindness Cloud Foundation, and many others, are examples of Wholesale Kindness. You can:

  1. Share inspirational Kindness Messages and Stories with your friends and followers on all your social media. Use the examples at Kindness Ideas.
  2. Encourage others to Share Your Kindness Messages and Stories Forward widely.
  3. Reach out to groups, communities, organizations, and companies to initiate, sponsor, and undertake Wholesale Kindness Projects.

Kindness is a Universal Value That Will Unite People. Kindness is easy to spread. Everyone can agree upon Kindness. Different people, groups, and organizations will select their own methods and idea for Kindness. And the Ripple Effect of your Kindness will help spark a Global Kindness Movement!