About Kindness

Kindness Can Create A World Working Well

Kindness is a value as old as human history itself. There are references to Kindness from our earliest days. Yes, Kindness Always Matters, but Kindness Really Matters Even More Now.

With so many people suffering from disease, financial hardship, and lack of food, shelter, and other necessities, the Kindness of others is the last hope for more and more people. We need even more Kindness now.

Disagreement divides us. Kindness Can Unite Us. Too many people are AGAINST something. We must all be FOR something ... and FOR the SAME thing. We must find a value, an idea, that Binds Us Together. We must Unite Around Kindness.

The tax-exempt, nonprofit Kindness Cloud Foundation is committed to increasing the amount of Kindness in the world. To Join the Kindness Cloud is to Join a Global Kindness Movement, not an organization. This website and our other free Kindness Resources will help people, young and old, Think About, Be, Do, Teach, Spread, and Lead Kindness in new and different ways. Add your voice to the Global Conversation About Kindness.

To start, check out the Kindness Toolkit, for some thoughts, tools, and ideas about Kindness. Use them and share them. Teach them and distribute them. And, follow your own instincts. There is no one right answer, no one right Way of Kindness. There are millions. You can start here, today, to learn more about your own Kindness Path.

Call to Action - Things you can do to spread Kindness.

Roadmap – Ways to think about yourself and your own Kindness Path.

Resources – Tools and resources you can use. Free and Widely Available: Can be used around the world at no cost, online or offline. Can be printed and copied. Only one person needs Internet access and/or printer. Kindness Cards are Interactive: Completed by the recipients, not us.

Ideas – Thoughts and inspirations you can use. Broad Applicability: Can be used in a wide range of contexts and areas. Flexibility: Can be mixed and matched. Not limited to our examples.