How to Spread Kindness

being kind to othersDo you want to learn how to spread Kindness? The Kindness Cloud’s goal is to spark a mass movement for Kindness. You are invited to join.

When Kindness is spread from person to person, it is referred to as “Retail Kindness.” When it is spread through a community, organization, or business, it is known as “Wholesale Kindness.” The current challenge is to encourage more people to Spread More Kindness. The Kindness Cloud has created the role of Kindness Ambassador and you can learn more at

In order to become a Kindness Ambassador, follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Pick Your Kindness Idea – Check out the Kindness Ideas and explore the lists that best apply to your situation. You can mix and match or create your own ideas.
    • Step 2: Organize Your Kindness Activity – Check out the Kindness Toolkit and choose among the tools you can use to support you in your kindness activities.
    • Step 3: Share Your Kindness Activity Forward – Use social media and traditional media.
    • Step 4: Encourage the Spread of Kindness – Display the Kindness Cloud badge, images, tag lines, and certificates anywhere you are able.
    • Step 5: Recruit Other Kindness Ambassadors and enlist others in the Kindness Movement.