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How to Spread Kindness

being kind to othersDo you want to learn how to spread Kindness? The Kindness Cloud’s goal is to spark a mass movement for Kindness. You are invited to join.

When Kindness is spread from person to person, it is referred to as “Retail Kindness.” When it is spread through a community, organization, or business, it is known as “Wholesale Kindness.” The current challenge is to encourage more people to Spread More Kindness. The Kindness Cloud has created the role of Kindness Ambassador and you can learn more at

In order to become a Kindness Ambassador, follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Pick Your Kindness Idea – Check out the Kindness Ideas and explore the lists that best apply to your situation. You can mix and match or create your own ideas.
    • Step 2: Organize Your Kindness Activity – Check out the Kindness Toolkit and choose among the tools you can use to support you in your kindness activities.
    • Step 3: Share Your Kindness Activity Forward – Use social media and traditional media.
    • Step 4: Encourage the Spread of Kindness – Display the Kindness Cloud badge, images, tag lines, and certificates anywhere you are able.
    • Step 5: Recruit Other Kindness Ambassadors and enlist others in the Kindness Movement.

Being Kind to Others

Being Kind to others can start a Kindness Ripple Effect and have a significant impact on your community. From smiling at someone to giving a compliment, Kindness is all around us. The goal of the Kindness Cloud to spark a global Kindness Movement.

The Kindness Cloud has resources and information to help individuals, communities, and businesses encourage kindness. We offer a variety of badges, certificates, and much more to Spread Kindness.

Are you reaBeing Kind to Othersdy to find your Kindness Path? Learn more at Everyone has the ability to be Kind to others, but not everyone acts on it. The more Kindness is used, the more of a habit it becomes. For Kindness to become a habit, it is going to take patience.

Embarking on a Kindness Path entails being Kind to yourself, first. Treat yourself the way you would treat another person. From there, you’ll find it easier to be more Kind to those around you. It can start with just avoiding your phone when someone is speaking to you.

When you commit to finding your Kindness Path, you’re committing to being a better version of yourself. We all have the potential to make a difference with Kindness in our world. Reach out to the Kindness Cloud today to start your journey.