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Kindness Call to Action

What is Kindness?

Kindness is Not Just an Act
Kindness is an Attitude
Kindness is Who You Are

Kindness is Not Just a Place
Kindness is a Path
Kindness is Your Purpose

Your Kindness Path Never Ends
Your Kindness Purpose Never Ends
Never, Ever, Give Up

How Can I Use Kindness

To Make the World a Better Place?

Find Kindness Within Yourself
Do Kindness for Others
Spread Kindness to Others

Set Kindness in Motion
Keep Kindness Moving
Share Kindness Forward

Ask Not What Others Can Do for You

Ask What Kindness You Can Do for Others

Give the Gift of Kindness Every Day
You Will Enrich Others and Ennoble Yourself

You Will Never Run Out of Kindness
You Have an Infinite Supply

Let Kindness Ignite a Fire Within You
Inspire Others with Your Kindness Passion

All We Are Saying is Give Kindness a Chance

What You Can Do