Questions and Answers

What does it mean to Join the Kindness Cloud?

When you join the Kindness Cloud, you are joining the Global Kindness Movement, not a membership organization. To Join the Kindness Cloud is to make a commitment to make the world a Kinder Place.

How do we Join the Kindness Cloud?

You have already joined the Kindness Cloud when you commit to Practicing Kindness. There is no signup or registration process. Visit our website to find free resources and information to help you along your Kindness Path at

What should people do?

The goal is to Increase the Amount of Kindness in the World. You can help make this possible by being Kind to yourself and to others. But more importantly, you can Lead Kindness and Unite your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates around the Cause of Kindness. You can do this by Creating Kindness Communities (groups, clubs, projects), and Spreading Kindness on your social media channels. Learn more at

What types of Kindness Projects can we create?

We encourage you and your Kindness committee, group, or organization to use your own creativity. You can find a list of project ideas at Kindness Cloud Toolkit.

Where can we find inspiring quotes, posts, and messages?

You can find posts to share on all your social media at

Do we have to use your Kindness Resources?

No. You can use any resources on the Internet or create your own. You can also use our free resources, including the additional resources at

Where do we share our Kindness testimonials and project success stories?

Your goal is to create a Ripple Effect of Kindness by Creating a Kindness Commotion. You can share your stories on all your social media, newsletters, local news media, or whatever method you choose. You are also welcome to join our Facebook Community at and share your Kindness messages and inspirations there.

How will we know it is working?

You may never know how far your Kindness Ripples travel, but if you have changed one person’s life, then you will have succeeded and you will have changed the world.