Make the World a Kinder Place

Give Your Special Gifts of Kindness

Everyone is On Their Kindness Path
Everyone Has a Kindness Toolkit
Everyone Can Share Kindness Forward

You Can Share Kindness Forward

Kindness starts with you. You have the Power of Kindness. You are already on your Kindness Path. You have answered the Kindness Call to Action.

On your Kindness Path you share your unique Kindness Tools – your simple acts, gifts, and ways you use to spread Kindness – your smile, compliment, caring conversation, and listening ear – your willingness to greet, talk, make eye contact, and connect with another person – your empathy, compassion, and care.

Your Kindness Path Never Ends. As you travel your Kindness Path, you will embrace the three aspects of Kindness in your life: Following Your Kindness Path, Keeping Kindness in Motion, and Sharing Kindness Forward. And, in addition, we need your help to Spark a Kindness Movement. Here's how:

Step 1. Choose an Individual or Group to Give a Gift of Kindness. Whether a student, teacher, individual, organization, or business, they will benefit from your Kindness. Create your own ideas or explore the ideas and groups from the Ideas tab.

Step 2. Encourage the Spread of Kindness: Share the Kindness Cloud Cards, Certificates, Badges, Taglines, and Images from the Tools tab in physical locations and on websites, social media, email, newsletters, and traditional media. Join the Global Conversation on Kindness and share your stories with the Kindness Community.

Step 3. Recruit Other Kindness Ambassadors: Display the Kindness Certificates in a store or office window, in a classroom, on a door, wall, website, or social media channel. Give them to children and students as rewards or recognition. Share Kindness Forward as a Kindness Ambassador and Invite Others to Join the Kindness Movement.

Let Kindness Ignite a Fire Within You

Inspire Others with Your Kindness Passion

Ask Not What Others Can Do For You

Ask What Kindness You Can Do For Others