About Kindness

Kindness is an idea, a value, a motivation, a mindset, an action, a belief, and a way of life that has been recognized throughout human history, and there is little disagreement with Kindness in the abstract. People engage in and promote Kindness all the time. There are hundreds of millions of references to Kindness on the web. The challenge is that there is still not enough Kindness in the world. To make the world a better place for everyone, the Actual Amount of Active Kindness must be increased. Our goal is to spark a World Kindness Movement.

The Kindness Cloud is a place where you can go to learn about Kindness and to discover ways that you can Practice and Promote Kindness. The tax-exempt, non-profit Kindness Cloud Foundation uses the metaphor of asking individuals, groups, and organizations to Join the Kindness Movement to mean both To Do Kindness Oneself and To Encourage and Assist Others to Do Kindness.

We think of this website as a Kindness Toolkit, a framework to help people, young and old, think about Kindness in new and different ways. Our goal is to encourage a Global Conversation About Kindness with millions of voices, with your voice. Please Share It Forward.

And, Kindness is important for another reason, besides its inherent moral value. In these troubled times of division and dissent, the Cause of Kindness Can Be a Unifying Force. We can all Unite Around Kindness. No one disagrees with Kindness.

With Kindness

We Can All Create A World Working Well

Kindness Toolkit. Thoughts, tools, and ideas about Kindness. Use them and share them. Teach them and distribute them. Or, follow your own instincts. There is no one right answer, no one right Way of Kindness. There are millions.

Call to Action - Things you can do to spread Kindness.

About You – Ways to think about yourself and your own Kindness.

Kindness Tools – Tools and resources you can use. Free and Widely Available: Can be used around the world at no cost, online or offline. Can be printed and copied. Only one person needs Internet access and/or printer. Kindness Cards are Interactive: Completed by the recipients, not us.

Kindness Ideas – Thoughts and inspirations you can use. Broad Applicability: Can be used in a wide range of contexts and areas. Flexibility: Can be mixed and matched. Not limited to our examples.